CoronationMarket.com is a buyers and sellers market. Anyone from the countries we ship to can buy and or sell here. There are a few basic requirements for you as a seller:

  1. that you have a PayPal account, because PayPal is where we process orders from buyers and how sellers are paid.
  2. that you contact your local post office for Express Post or EMS shipping rates to the countries we to which we ship because you will need to enter some basic shipping cost (Don’t worry. We’ve created seven country groups, so that you could choose the rate from your country to France as the EU estimate to a great degree of accuracy.) Most post offices have the list on their Web site.
  3. don’t sell used or refurbished goods unless they are antiques, and
  4. don’t use images you don’t own to promote your shop or goods unless you have the rights to do so.
  5. don’t sell dangerous goods, weapons, drugs, inflammable (that means things that can become inflamed, catch fire) items, alcohol or pornography.

If your country is on the list you’re good to start. Go to the My Account at the top right of the page and join up. There is no charge to join and you pay a small commission only on what you sell.

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