Parable of the Mangoes


Author Jean Goulbourne says the 12  stories in Parable of the Mangoes were “written to represent a number of people who have been imprisoned in various situations over many years.” They seek to illustrate problems that people face: “slavery, life in the ghetto, insanity, differences in religion, political differences and many other forms of mental and physical imprisonment.”

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After you’ve read Hemmingway and Camus and seen how powerful simple language can be, you’ll be glad to have discovered Jean Goulbourne. Parable of the Mangoes takes simple occurrences such as a boy being punished for sharing with a neighbour across the fence and shows us that prejudice is not just racial. Or the father who’d rather go to his grave than attend the wedding of his estranged son because of the younger’s Rastafarianism. So many of the things that imprison and divide us are explored in her lyrical poetic way without sending us to the dictionary, meaning she doesn’t regurgitate a thesaurus.

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